Pirlo Inter Milan

So many youths enroll in Inter Milan young player academy yet so few who make it to the highest level. It seemed they have bright future ahead in their football career. The fans put their hope on them as the next star. Too bad. Some still play at highest level of football, but some play at lower division and worse, some gave up their football career at early age. Here are the little compilation of some players who once are the part of Inter Milan and Inter Primavera. Lets have some bitter sweet nostalgia of the players who once we bear the hope on.


Note :

*Age when the player departed from Inter Primavera

**Departed status means the player left Inter due to loaned, released, moved to other club, or promoted to Inter Milan first team

ps : Since the writing isn’t for serious purpose, sorry for inaccuracy then. Only want some nostalgic stuff and wondering how Inter young player academy works.

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